It’s a Journey.

What does that mean? Own Your You.  It’s just three words that kind of sound the same. It makes no sense.  You could rearrange them and say “Your Own You” but that’s not what I want to say.  What I’m saying is: Own. Your. You.  It’s a directive.  I’m telling you to do something.  (I know, who the heck am I to be telling you to do anything?  I’ll get to that later, I promise.  Bear with me for now, though, please).  What I’m telling you to do is be yourself: who you are – who you really are – and own it. Love it. Don’t hide it.  Don’t apologize for it. Own it. 

It sounds simple enough, right?  Sadly it is not.  We’re all human which means we are impressionable – particularly at a young age, which is when we start to see and hear and learn what is acceptable, what is normal, what we should be, think, feel, do.  What this means is that many of us struggle to be, think, feel, and do the things we are supposed to do.  This means it’s easy to lose or forget who we really are, or who we really want to be.  Or, if you are lucky enough to know these things, you often feel guilty or embarrassed by it.  There are people who are lucky enough to not feel that way; who truly do own who they are.  Fearlessly, peacefully, honestly.  To those people, I say: Congratulations!  To those of you who are trying to get to that point, I say: Congratulations!  Congratulations on knowing where you are and thinking about where you want to be and working on getting there. 

Now, as promised, I’m coming back to why you should listen to me when I tell you to Own Your You.  It’s because you matter.  You deserve to be able to live the life you want, being who you are – not pretending to be someone you aren’t.  You deserve that.  I am telling you that I want you – yes YOU – to be happy. To be YOU.

It’s a journey.  It’s not easy.  It requires undoing years of “I should” and “I shouldn’t” and it requires looking into yourself and understanding exactly what you want and it requires the strength to be, to Own, yourself even thought you might not think it’s who you should be.  That is difficult.  And important.  And liberating.

So let’s do it.  Let’s take this journey together.

Ask me questions….I am not a certified life coach; I am not a mental health professional.  I am a person who believes strongly in the worth of you and the strength of you.  I will not be able to fix your problems, and I may not even be able to answer all of your questions.  But what I will do is give you honest, straightforward responses to your questions.  What I will do is ask you questions that make you look deeper and help you find your path and your answers.  To eventually Own Your You.

Thanks for reading!